Chakra Yoga

Yoga means ‘bringing together’ or ‘connecting’ in Sanskrit. Yoga_postures help a person bring body, mind and soul together; yoga is meditation in movement. Yoga heightens your body awareness to enhance your balance, health and personal power. It also calms the mind and body.

Chakra yoga focuses on energy and the interaction between body and mind, with the help of the chakra system. The postures and guided visualisations teach you to listen to your body and to take its signals (in whatever form) seriously.

The 7 main chakras in the body are each part of your energy management. By means of this form of yoga you can learn to perceive and distinguish the seven chakra's in/on your body. It can be a very useful tool in learning to heal yourself, understanding your behaviour and transforming it.

When certain chakras are blocked you are unbalanced. Chakra yoga allows you to become aware of the energy blocks in your chakras and helps you dissolve them. In this way you become more balanced and it will be easier to be and stay centred. Being aware of what caused the block helps prevent it from happening again.

You can read more in ´about chakra´s´.

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