How "lovesenergy" came to be
I had, as it turned out, the right circumstances to see a lot of reality all of the sudden. Of course I wouldn't recommend breaking down, but that was my reality. I had never been spiritual (not consciously, with rational understanding anyway), but afterwards I all of the sudden understood all sorts of spiritual principles and paths intuitively.
Around a year later someone kept asking how I had gotten to where I was, considering my life story. They wanted to know both because I was still gaining great insights and visibly connected to some source of knowing, but I also beacuse I started to suffer again.
So I tried and tried to understand and explain how I had gotten there. It was not easy. Eventually I wrote down a list of ingredients I could extract from the proces I had subconsciously followed to get to big and liberating insights. With those I came up with a practise for myself. It eventually helped me overcome a lot of suffering and enrich my life and still continues to do so. I assure you it isn't always easy. And I definitely lose my practise every now and then and suffer the consequences. I am glad I have a set of guiding gentle forces to return to and rebuild in my mind, so life can again take a turn for the better, once I am humble enough to begin again. And again and again. And continue. 
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