How lovesenergy came to be
The energy of love is ancient. The world even came into existence in it. Creation, every single one, finds its origin in lovesenergy. I didn’t invent lovesenergy. I merely made conscious contact with it. I wasn’t looking for it. I was no spiritual seeker. In a short period of relative seclusion and spontaneous detachment, I found it when I opened myself up for the truth, all that is, whatever it would be.
Opening and receiving
I encountered a lot that I could understand because of my studies of (social) psychology and years of therapy. I could grasp it with my western, rational mind, but this wasn’t what I was looking for. I repeatedly let go of that. I wanted to know how ‘it’ really was. I let go of more and more opinions, lessons and ideas and simply let them be. I wanted to get through to that which is indisputably true.
My thoughts passed by, but didn’t stay long. I had the time and the only thing I did was to keep opening myself up for what was really true. One thing after another fell away. Not to say it wasn’t true, it just never was the only truth. It always was just one truth from one perspective. No perspective would have been complete or would have made me happy. It only led to more unhappiness when I subjected myself to one or more perspectives (including mine!). My mind became ever more tranquil and appeared to be more spacious because of it.
I saw that all perspectives are true. And that all that you accept as truth will be true for you. And that, with the right motivation and technique you can discover that which you can’t see yet. Everybody is trapped in their own perspective or in that of another. What happened when I let go of my perspective (died mentally/psychologically)? )? It was as if I lowered down into myself and something burst open and the inside could stream outside. I just felt love and compassion. I saw that everything ‘runs’ on love. Everything springs from love; everything exists and happens in love. We are surrounded by love. Only our ideas about the truth cloud our sight and make us act as if it isn’t so. If it wasn’t for our misinterpretations of the truth, we’d only express pure love into the world.
Since then I’ve noticed how much the structure of our society, our language, interactions, conflicts of interest and my old patterns seem to get in the way of contact with lovesenergy. The only thing these things I learnt they do however, is to distract our attention and that this is possible because of my illusions of false identifications. And those came back (false id’s) quickly, a lot less, but still. What I knew at the same time, separate from these illusions, apart from the distraction, was that lovesenergy was there, that everything was well the way it was. The universe, the world, the people, nature and all forms things appear as. And that, to be able to see through illusions, I’ll first have to acknowledge that these had become truth for me again, I believed in them again. As long as you don’t recognize an illusion as such, you keep acting according to it and sustaining that ‘reality’.
An example of an illusion is: "the only way to find happiness is by performing better". In that case I can’t be happy right now, because I’m still missing something. It can very well be that it is handy for you to perform better. It’s just that, when you think you’ll be happier through doing that, you’ll become less- or unhappy. Looking at it from your contact with lovesenergy you can see that happiness doesn’t lie in doing something.
Wisdom teaches us that we don’t have to chase after anything, because we are already there. The way I see it, we all see with clarity ánd we still distort our vision more or less. So we are already there ánd not yet. When we still (mis)take an illusion as truth, our vision is clouded and the truth is hidden. Every once in a while, we can have a glimpse of total clarity. Maybe one day we’ll be present enough to let that glimpse be eternity. I for one am not there yet.
With the brighter consciousness I had through contact with this energy (lovesenergy), I could see everything I had learnt in my studies of (social) psychology and everything I saw in people and in myself in a new light. Since then I have had a renewed interest in psychology, this time I focused on certain types of therapy. I’ve acquainted myself with ‘Past Reality Integration Therapy’, ‘Therapy for (Complex-) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Addiction dynamics, the 12-step program, Transgenerational trauma and Awakening the Body Consciousness, amongst others. Besides that, I have familiarized myself with meditation- and visualisation techniques, and I learn about and enrich my life with Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism and Shamanism. I’m also a healing chakra yoga teacher. Coming from these old and new teachings and the ingredients for lovesenergy, I now coach people to help them open doors, release blockages, moving through a standstill and to awaken and strengthen their inner wisdom. 
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