The coach

The coach is lovesenergy itself. And, very important: the coach is also yourself. 

It comes from the formless and can therefore take on any form.

The shape the messenger takes is less important than what the messenger has to teach.

Keep in conscious contact with the ingredients of lovesenergy so you can discern the message that is meant for you from the "noise".

This noise isn't the coach, the noise consists of messages for others and residue of stuff since the beginning of time. This noise is distracting and causes confusion and frustration. You can easily recognise it by those emotions. Noise, not the coach, causes ingredients that 'taste bad'. You experience opposite qualities to those part of lovesenergy. Impatience, being flooded, distrust, resistance. When you feel that, tune back into the ingredients of lovesenergy and move in ways you are moved to. (Don't use this to avoid setting boundaries or working towards learning how to when needed.)

When the coach takes on a form and has to be that form especially for you, stick with it. When a temporary or long term connection comes about through that, that makes sense unconditionally, stay unconditionally and become part of it. That which isn't right will dissolve, but the core of the shape will remain.

The coach is here for you, helps you. Your ego needs it bad. We live in an age that is all for ego.... or all against it. The ego doesn't need either.

All it needs is lovesenergy.

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